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                      marcus d. harvey                     


Vocal Range: Baritone (Low G to High G)


Two Newspapermen: An Untruthful Story      Lead                                      Newspaper Productions

Collision                                                          Supporting                            knowmadic films


International Theatre

 An American Dream (dir. Jeremy Bloom)         Fes                                      The Old Vic, London


NY Theatre

Retreat (dir. Zhailon Levingston)                       Curtis                                    National Black Theatre

homegrown: a one man show(dir. Alex Roe)    Cris                                       Metropolitan Playhouse

Pains of Youth (dir. Katie Lupica)                      Alt                                         Access Theatre (NY Premiere)

Fear and Misery….(dir. Carl Cofield)                Doctor, etc.                           Schapiro Theatre

baba: a black boy’s cry (dir. Leigh Hile)            One Man Show                     TADA! Theatre

Sonnets for an Old Century                              A. Dawson                             Velocity Theatre Company

Regional Theatre

Art (dir. Libby Ricardo)                                      Serge                                     Lean Ensemble Theatre

A Raisin in the Sun (dir. Tiffany N. Greene)      Bobo                                      Triad Stage

In Darfur (dir. Kristen van Ginhoven)                Male Ensemble                      WAM  Theatre

Dreamgirls                                                         Marty                                     The Theatre Company

Angels in America, Part 1                                  Belize                                     Kenan Theatre

Fires in the Mirror                                              George C. Wolfe, etc.            Silver Spring Stage

King John (dir. Calvin MacLean)                       Ensemble                               Illinois Shakespeare Festival

Fences                                                              Cory Maxson                          Roanoke Valley Theatre

The Wiz                                                             Emerald City Citizen              Old Playmaker’s Theatre



Les Freres (dir. Cezar Williams)                         Fedji Wilson                            Billie Holiday Theatre

Madame Infamy: The Musical                            Ensemble                                CAP 21 Studios

Beige (dir. Jonathan Musser)                             Larry                                        Luna Stage



MFA Acting, Brooklyn College

Master Class: Kevin Spacey (Monologue Coaching/Old Vic), Andrew Wade (Voice & Text),  Alaine Alldaffer (Scene Study), Heidi Griffiths (Auditioning), Anna DeVeare Smith (Solo Performance)

Waterwell: Arian Moayed (Ongoing Scene Study)

BradTunes Music: Brad Ross (Musical Theatre Auditioning/Vocal Coach)

Lecoq Summer Intensive:  Norman Taylor, Virginia Scott, Richard Crawford, Adrienne Kapstein

B.A. Dramatic Arts and B.A. Performance Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Special Skills:  Dialects: Southern, South African, French, RP, Cockney, Modern British; SAFD (Basic, 2012); Former Track Athlete, Dance: Hip Hop, Theatre Jazz, Ballet (5 years); Licensed Driver, Bartender


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2010 - present

2010 - present

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