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an actor's director

I am interested in the human condition. I am interested in how we use language in life and in performance. Through theatre, I want to create productions that stir emotions, provoke thoughts, and reveal the world around us in a new way. Directing is a revelation of characters, story and meaning through theatrical performances. Trained as an actor and teacher, I am obsessed with clarity of ideas and context.

Striving to find the heart of each piece, I am deeply interested character and human interaction; therefore, I have deep respect for the actors who must embody these people for the performance to take flight. In my work, I strive to invite collaborators – and this includes actors – to take part in any and all elements of producing; I believe that artists should influence the way their work is crafted and produced.

In the end, we are telling human stories as an ensemble and collaborators, that I hope will reflect our current status quo, provoke thought, entertain, and in some way, celebrate the communal event of people converging in a theatre.  


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