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Teaching Philosophy

An enigma is a type of riddle generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution.  I believe that performance is a search that is forever changing developing or metamorphosing.  It is always new. We as actors and writer are the conductors similar to those who lead an orchestra. Actors and writers hold the deep responsibility of taking care of the power they possess as conductors of people's emotions which is their orchestra. They have the ability to capture the attention of an audience. Great performers and writers can hold their focus hostage and transform the emotions of the audience. We as performers take them on a journey (like a symphony) for a moment in their lives and leave them totally changed. Performers have to honor this blessing and not neglect it. We nourish it through strengthening and conditioning while respecting the charge we have been given while not disrespecting the blessing and the craft.

 I teach from the perspective of learn how to teach yourself. My goal is to encourage my students to learn from many various techniques including but not limited to: Stanislavsky, Jerzy Grotowski, Kristen Linklater, Anne Bogart’s View Points and other techniques that contribute to the actor’s ability to discover truth.  As a performer and writer myself, I am passionate about acting and often express it through excitement to confirm a new level of ability has been achieved. Similar to how a fan of football yells “touchdown” when their team scores the winning points, I internally scream with that same vigor when I see a student achieve a new level of understanding or performance. I believe in building up and having the safe atmosphere of the community holding the process accountable to its highest standard.  I also teach that the body, breath and voice must be in its best health to allow the actor access to every potential opportunity to be brilliant and clear.

Through my teaching it my goal that my students walk away with a collaborative experience as they will be engaged in various ways throughout my class as a performer, a writer, a director. I push students to collaborate beyond the classroom, to take risks and to own their art.

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